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Many English language guides are still available only outside of Russia, except for our Traveller's Yellow Pages for Moscow and St. Petersburg. Because changes occur so rapidly, most other directories quickly become outdated and incomplete with many wrong names and numbers.
All ordering and order fulfillment is handled by Contains books on:

***The Traveller's Yellow Pages and Handbook For Moscow 2001 with City Map. June 2001, 272 pp., $14.95, separate map $4.95 plus s&h. Useful information for over 12000 telephone numbers and addresses listed in over 300 categories from Accounting and Art Galleries to Yachts Clubs and Zoos. Ideal for the tourist, student, business traveler and resident. Enjoy your trip with this book. InfoServices International, Inc. NY, USA; Telinfo, St. Petersburg, Russia; and InfoServices Publishing, Moscow.


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Moskva Velikaya - Exim Publishing House - Guide about the center of Moscow, map of the Moscow Kremlin, information about theaters, museums with indication of addresses.

Stolitsa Kontakt - Telia InfoMedia-M - Info pages, Maps of Moscow, Firms by branches, Internet Register, Transportation ( ).

Turizm y Otdykh - (Tourism and Recreation) - Service Delovogo Mira -Services offered by firms and pysical persons, more than 60 categories, published

Where in Moscow - SPN Publishing Company - Around 9 issues a year - guide-book for tourists and businessmen

Eyewitness Travel Guides: Moscow, by Christopher Rice Paperback - 256 pages 1st edition (October 1998) DK Publishing; ISBN: 0789435292 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.68 x 8.74 x 5.14

The Rough Guide Moscow, (Rough Guides)Price: $15.25 Paperback - 416 pages 2nd edition (November 1998) Rough Guides; ISBN: 1858283221 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.70 x 7.79 x 5.12

Lonely Planet Moscow, (Travel Survival Kit) Price: $14.39 Paperback - 224 pages (August 2000) Lonely Planet; ISBN: 1864500549 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.56 x 7.28 x 5.06

Expat guide: Moscow, by Martine Maurel Price: $25.95 Paperback - 271 pages 1 edition (January 5, 2000) Unknown; ISBN: 1581127758 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.69 x 8.55 x 5.55

Moscow Guide, 2nd Edition, by Yves Gerem, et al Price: $15.25 Paperback - 504 pages 2nd edition (April 1, 2000) Open Road Pub; ISBN: 1892975297 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.23 x 8.47 x 5.52

Insight Guide Moscow (Serial), by Wilhelm (Edt) Klein, 1997, Paperback, size: 8.80x5.93x0.69, List Price: $29.95 ISBN: 0-395-85058-4 ,APA Productions.

Moscow (Holmes, Burton), by Burton Holmes, 1998, Paperback, List Price: $19.95 ISBN: 0-791-04659-1 ,Chelsea House Publishers.

Moscow (World 100 Years Ago), by Burton Holmes, 1998, Hardback, List Price: $29.95 ISBN: 0-791-04658-3 ,Chelsea House Publishers.


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Fodor's Moscow and St. Petersburg, (Fodor's Moscow and st Petersburg, 4th Edition) Price: $17.10 Paperback - 288 pages 4th edition (May 1999) Fodors Travel Pubns; ISBN: 0679000941 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.72 x 9.04 x 5.05

Time Out Moscow & St. Petersburg Guide, (Time Out Moscow & st Petersburg, 1st Ed) Price: $13.45 Paperback - 296 pages (January 1999) Penguin USA (Paper); ISBN: 014027314X ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.60 x 7.80 x 5.15

Berlitz Moscow and St. Petersburg, (Berlitz Pocket Guides) Price: $8.05 Paperback - 144 pages Pocket edition (April 1999) Berlitz Travel Guide; ISBN: 2831563283 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.39 x 5.68 x 4.14

Fodor's Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, by Christopher Billy (Editor), 1996, 239 pp, Paperback, size: 9.01x 5.02x0.71, MRD/TYP Editor: Full of practical and off-beat info about SPb. Recommended if there for more than a few days. Fodor "Exploring Guides Series" is better., List Price: $19.00 IS.

Fodors Exploring Moscow & St. Petersburg, by Christopher Billy (Editor), 1998, 288 pp, Paperback, size: 8.66x5.19x0.71, MRD/TYP Editor: Another top-notch guide with many beautiful color illustrations, maps, insights into culture, cuisine, history on every page, List Price: $22.00 ISBN: 0-679-03.

Moscow and St. Petersburg; Passport's Illustrated Travel Guide, by Christopher Booth, 1996, 192 pp, TradePaperback, size: 7.55 x 5.15 x .57, List Price: $14.95 ISBN: 0-844-24826-6 ,Passport Books.

Moscow St. Petersburg, A Nelles Guide, by Angela Ploger, 2nd esdition, November 1999, Paperback, size: 7.69x5.06x0.66, MRD/TYP Editor: Well-done with good photographs, useful plans and essays on churches, art, cuisine and culture. May also be available in German, List Price: $14.95 ISBN: 3-88618-397-1 ,Seve.

Moscow & St. Petersburg, by Masha Nordbye, April 1, 1999, 592 pp. Paperback, size: 7.39x5.14x0.61, MRD/TYP Editor: A well-written guide integrating history, cultural sightseeing and architecture with fascinating historical vignettes and good thumb-nail guides to the towns on the Golden .

Passport's Illustrated Travel Guide to Moscow & St. Petersburg (Serial), by Christopher Booth, 1996, Paperback, size: 7.55x5.15x0.57, List Price: $14.95 ISBN: 0844248266 ,Passport Books.


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Russian Stage One : Live from Moscow!/Package Contains Textbook, Workbook, Video, and Cassette, Price: $53.00 Paperback Bk/Cas/vid edition Vol 1 (December 1996) Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company; ISBN: 0840399642

Russia, The Essential Guide for the Business Traveller, by John Mattock, 1996, 192 pp, Paperback, size: 8.49x5.34x0.67, List Price: $14.95 ISBN: 0-749-41964-4 ,Kogan Page Ltd.


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Baltics & Russia, by Rick Steves, 1996, 138 pp, Paperback, size: 7.94x4.47x0.43, List Price: $9.95 ISBN: 1-56261-276-x ,John Muir Publications.

Let's Go Eastern Europe, by Unknown Author, 1996, 780 pp, Paperback, size: 8.25x5.24x 1.31, MRD/TYP Editor: Section on St. Petersburg and Moscow, List Price: $16.99 ISBN: 0-312-13540-8 ,St. Martins Press.

Russia, Ukraine and Belorus, *** by John Noble et al, 1996, 1186 pp, MRD/TYP Editor: 123 sketch maps and color plates. Another must read and take! Chock full of well-written useful information for the adventurous independent traveler to Russia. From folk customs, strategies on gettin.

Siberian Bam Railway Guide : The Second Trans-Siberian Railway, *** by Athol Yates, 1996, 322 pp, Paperback, size: 7.04 x 4.75 x .83, List Price: $21.95 ISBN: 1-873756-06-2 ,Seven Hills Book Distributors.

The Trans-Siberian Rail Guide, *** by Robert Strauss, 1996, 336 pp, TradePaperback, size: 8.51 x 5.45 x .73, List Price: $17.95 ISBN: 0-9520900-1-5 ,Hunter Pub Inc.

Moscow Guide  
Very selective information on restaurants, hotels and some entertainment information. Extensive use of graphics;
Playbill On-line version of information guide on Moscow
   14 Bol. Nikitskaya ul.......................................................................................Fax / Telephone:788-0686;

WHERE Moscow Selected information shopping, dining, entertainment & maps, cir=30,000
   15 Kedrova ul.........................................................................................................................Tel: 129-1345
   Tel: .........................................................129-0777;    Fax:...........................................................129-1518;
Mo-Fr 9:30-19; Akademicheskaya; Map

All about St. Petersburg for Tourists  
Official travel information on travel facilities, hotel rates and reservation, railroad schedules

Moscow, 11 Skakovaya alleya, Tel: (095) 213-00-91 Fax: (095) 213-73-65
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