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Improved Hotel Situation. The hotel situation in Moscow has improved during the past years because of increased competition, privatization, conversion and management. Moscow has become a great tourist capital visited by hundred thousands tourists from all over the world. No doubt, nice accommodation for foreign guests is considered a major task. Moscow boasts some 170 hotels that employ 30,000, but only 20 or so offer services up to international standards. Occupancy in Moscow's top hotels rose by 5% to 59% last year, according to the Earnst &Young's hospitality consulting group.
There are De Luxe hotels, which may seem to be rather expensive with the price of about $400-1000 per day, Presidential suites $1.2-1.9 and many others, were you can book a room for a moderate price. Anyway, it's up to you to make a choice.

Various types of hotels in Moscow. Hotels in Moscow are operated either by all Russian manage-ment, or as is more often the case with the best hotels, as a joint-venture with a foreign hotel management company (e.g. the Radisson-Slavyanskaya which is now 90% owned by the City of Moscow and 10% by the Radisson).
Joining the better hotels this fall will be a 200 room hotel near the Bolshoi Theater and the 250 room Novotel Center. The hotel on Neglinnaya Ulitsa is expected to be Moscow's first Hilton.
The Intourist hotel is to be demolished and replaced by a five-star hotel which is to be opened by early 2005.

Russian hotel rating system. The Russian rating system for hotels is not the same as the Western. It is based largely on the "physical facilities" available rather than the quality of services, condition of facility and cleanliness. Thus, many hotels listed here were rated "first class" or "deluxe" by the Russia hotel authorities. A "deluxe rated hotel" in Russia is usually a solid hotel but many would not qualify as "deluxe" in London or Paris because of service, maintenance, food, lack of small amenities and even poor lighting, interior decor and ambiance.
Despite many facilities, some by Western standards may not even be a one star hotel because of poor service, dark halls, poor food and poor maintenance and old furniture.
Privatization and competition, however, is quickly improving services and quality. Look at some of our new advertisers, especially some of the smaller hotels. Some class 2 hotels, on the other hand, are very clean, with friendly service and could be quite good for students and very low budget, hardy travelers looking for a place to sleep. Look at ads and the descriptions.

Rating of Joint Venture Hotels. Hotels operating as a joint venture with Western hotel management firms are generally of much higher quality with service to Western standards. These are rated on the Western scale.
***** = world class hotel, elegant
**** = deluxe, and very comfortable
*** = first class, pleasant
** = clean, well-run, good value

Ratings. are for guidelines only and are compiled from both our research and other sources. Hotels with ads may not be rated but the ads speak for themselves and are rather accurate.
The only two three-star hotels that experts say measure up to international standards for a three-star hotel are the Katerina and the Sport hotel.
One of the best hotels that we highly recommend is The Rossiya Hotel for its moderate prices and very good service. It is the largest hotel in Europe (2,876 rooms with all necessary amneties), only three minutes walk from Kitay-Gorod metro station from where you can quickly travel to any place in the city.

Hotel costs. Competition is beginning to drive down prices relative to value. Rooms go from the rare $50 a night to a very expensive $350 plus per night in some 4-star hotels.

Hours and Payments. Unless otherwise stated, hotels are open 24 hours per day and accept rubles.

Getting Answers: For information and reservations, call the front desk, but if you have a problem, it is usually necessary to talk to the "Manager on duty", called the "Administrator", pronounced Administrahtor.
All hotels accept the major credit cards.
The personnel at reception speaks major foreign languages.

Moscow, 11 Skakovaya alleya, Tel: (095) 213-00-91 Fax: (095) 213-73-65
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