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File Created: 04-Apr-08
These include the American Medical Center, Athens Medical Center, European Medical Centre, the Sana Medical Center and the new US Global Plus Medical Center. There are dozens of Policlinics and private medical groups in Moscow as well as a num- ber of outstanding medical research institutes. The best known Russian staffed clinics also provide a high level of care and include The Diplomatic Policlinic (once the clinic for foreign diplomats & visitors, Botkin Hospital, ITA Intour Clinic, Miran, and RCDC. Hospital No. 20 has a special section for foreigners with better service and treatment. In general the best medical care in Russia, as in the US and Western Europe, is found in or associated with research institutes or medical schools.

Signs You May See
= Registratura = Medical records & registration
= Spravochnoe = Patient info & visiting rules

Moscow, 11 Skakovaya alleya, Tel: (095) 213-00-91 Fax: (095) 213-73-65
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